The Faery Court of Froud

The Dream Catcher by Brian Froud

Brian Froud worked with Alan Lee to create FAERIES, the 1978 art book that upended cutesy, flower-petal fairy images. Their work influenced writers and artists to tune into the living heart of the faery realm. Now artist-illustrator Brian, working with sculptor, doll-maker, storyteller-wife Wendy Froud, offer us faeries in all their messy, imperfect, elemental dignity in their new art book, FAERIES’ Tales.
I include a link to FAERIES’ Tales and two illustrations from the book; The King’s Knight and The Dream Catcher by Brian Froud.

The Kings Knight by Brian Froud

The Kings Knight by Brian Froud

Magical Creatures: Ruth Sanderson.

The Silver Wood by Ruth Sanderson

Ruth Sanderson is an author and illustrator of marvelous fantasy art found in The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Goldilocks, The Enchanted Wood, The Night Before Christmas, Cinderella, and Saints: Lives and Illuminations. Sanderson has her evocative oil paintings exhibited in museums. Her art can be found online under my links.

She credits her childhood hope in spying magical creatures in the woods for bringing her wonderful imagination to life.


The Snow Princess by Ruth Sanderson

The Snow Princess by Ruth Sanderson

Enchanted Images

blucrest adrienne segur - Copy (2)

Adrienne Segur, born in Greece in 1901 was the daughter of a French writer. Ms. Segur was a talented illustrator through the 1950s and 1960s. The Fairy Tales of Perrault by Adrienne Segur was published in 1934. Her wonderfully illustrated Golden Book of Fairy Tales came out in 1958. She also created charming images for The Snow Queen and Other Tales first printed in 1961.

Here is a link to a Pinterest page with more of examples of her works. segur - Copy

Gifted at Fifteen

Ida Rentoul-Outhwaite 1921

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, b. 9 June 1888, d. 25 June 1960, was an Australian illustrator.

Her work was first published by New Idea magazine when she was just fifteen. Her illustrations were exhibited in Australia, London, and Paris between 1907 and 1933.

From 'The Adventures of George and Wiggle; 1930

From ‘The Adventures of George and Wiggle; 1930

Working with pen, ink, and watercolor, Outhwaite’s work was delightfully executed. One hundred twenty-six years later, her illustrations still charm.

Drawing in the Fae Realm


James Browne, artist-illustrator, welcomes faeries into his studio and the results are magical artworks. I wish to showcase his work with his prints ‘Dew Faery’ and ‘Allure’ and provide a link to his webpage. Now I must away to his pages and try to decide which wonderful pieces to bring into my workspace.
‘I have a lifetime to paint, with a subject matter that is endless, with one goal in mind, and that is, to keep the child in all of us.’ James Browne

Dew  Faery

Dew Faery

Water Shaper by Laura Williams McCaffrey.

Blue surf

Margot is the least consequential princess of a landlocked kingdom suspicious of those like her mother and her—powers of water. She longs to live with purpose and to be within sight of the sea.  When holy man and king Orrin, offers Margot a chance to run toward everything she dreams of, she believes herself in love with him.  Love, it turns out, does not grant Margot safe harbor.  Though she finds him irksome, she accepts help from the storyteller Bird.  Margot escapes to what she hopes will be her true safe place.  Will she find peace among those who revere water?